Class Tutoring Details 

We are offering you the opportunity to teach your own Craft Class under The Thrifty Thistle banner.


We have a lovely bright, and inspiring classroom for warm, friendly and fun classes.


Simply, this is how it will work if you're interested in teaching a class:-


1. Decide what you would like to teach in a class, and for how many students. (The maximum that we can cater for is 1-12 adults or 2-12 children at a time, depending on age and activity and whether you have a helper/s for ratio purposes. Please be aware that the classroom is downstairs and there is NO disabled access. You will also need to be DBS Checked if you are planning to do classes for children without the parents involved)


2. Calculate how much the materials for your class will cost, the classroom rental and the fee you will be charging each student. You will be responsible for organising and supplying the materials for your class. (We are adding Haberdashery, Fabrics, Wools and other Craft Items into the shop for sale in the future for purchase in advance for any classes, and tools for Tutor and each Student will be provided and apart of the Classroom).


3. We will advertise classes generally in advance in the shop, printed publications and through The Thrifty Thistle online social media. You can also advertise via your own online social media, or other methods. Bookings will be made by the students through The Thrifty Thistle website, or over the counter in the shop. All monies will be held by The Thrifty Thistle. This will stop any confusion occurring in the event of the class being cancelled (refunds can be made more efficiently and simply) Terms & Conditions will apply.


4. We will let you know as and when you receive class bookings by students, until your class is fully booked. If your class does not reach its full booking level, but does reach the financial minimum student level, (usually half full bookings) then the class will still go ahead. If it does not even reach the financial minimum, then the class will be cancelled, unless you’d like to run it anyway.


5 Then, teach the class in your own unique style!


6. When the class has finished, you will receive from The Thrifty Thistle the balance of monies received from the students, less the rental of the classroom, within 3 working days. The classroom rental rate is £12 per hour, this includes one hot beverage for each student and tutor per hour of the class and a supply of biscuits to nibble, and if you run a day class lunches will not be included, but there will be optional cake for yourself or students to purchase within the classroom.


Session times are AM 9.30-12.30 / PM 13.30-16.30 / EVE 18.30-21.30, sessions can be merged together to create day classes, and renting the classroom for shorter classes for children, will be possible only if 2-3 are run back to back with a break in between them. The minimum class rental is for 3 hours only for adult classes and for children's classes 90 minutes.


If you enjoy meeting new people and want to pass on your skills to enable them to gain confidence and accomplish new abilities, and you have some time to spare, then this could be really full filling way for you to earn.


If you have any queries contact our Team, we’re always happy to help, and we hope to have you tutoring with us soon!


The Thrifty Thistle Team







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